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Tech'sToolbox, my old friend. My how we have changed over the years. Since I started working on computers for a living, I quickly realized the need for scripts and automation of tedious and repetitive tasks. I started out creating batch scripts for everything and using each batch file as needed for fixing, updating, and installing. I later thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of GUI to launch these scripts and such to make it easier for others to join in all the fun?", and thus "Installerator" was born.

A nice GUi to launch apps and such. I went through several versions of it before I found it too limiting. It was merely a CD menu. All the magic happened behind the scenes in the scripts, which I had to often rewrite to accommodate new program paths and switches. It became tedious to keep up on it.

So I decided to start from scratch and "Installerator" became "Installer". At first, it was basically just another menu for launching apps and scripts that I hard-coded into the program. But it was an HTA, which made it much easier to change and update. I didn't have to use some other program to create a menu and I didn't have to compile it each time I made a change. It was great!

But it still was not what I wanted. I needed it to be more dynamic and easier to use and change by others. I created the next generation of Installer and named it "TechToolbox", a platform for launching programs and scripts that the user could input and save and then run those programs and scripts in an automated way. Now I was getting somewhere. It was finally doing what I wanted. Alas, "doing what I wanted" stifled it's development. It worked. It wasn't complete, but it worked, so I just used it and quit development.


As time went on, I realized I could do so much more with TechToolbox and maybe share it with other techs. And if those techs found it helpful, they might find other uses for it that I haven't thought of. So, I lit a fire under my ass and decided to get it done, or at least more complete and useful.

So, I did a complete rewrite and came up with "Tech's Toolbox".

It's a work in progress(actually it works quite well, as is, for me), but if you want to play around with it...
Here's a link to the zip file. HERE on Dropbox. Unzip, double-click Toolbox.hta. It'll want to create a new configuration file(toolbox.xml), let it. It will also want to create a shortcut in the same folder as toolbox, let it. The shortcut will allow you to right-click it and run as administrator. This is no longer as important as it was, since I added the RunAsAdmin.vbs launcher.

Don't think of Toolbox as just a gui to auto install programs. You can also use it to automatically run maintenance tasks or diagnostics using scripts and such.
It's a little hard to understand the point of it all without a little guidance, so I'm working on some tutorials, as well, but I'm not very good at them.